One might experience the voyage of the Indian culture through documentaries, or by visiting itself.

At FusionSteps, we believe that the most veracious understanding of the Indian culture comes through the ways in which the people come together and celebrate the unision of two souls. For whatsoever shall the influence of western culture be, the Indian customs persist to have roots in the yesteryears. For those who have tasted the essence of this magnanimous culture or for the one’s waiting at the table, the Indian Weddings are like a desert to your meal, something that you would want to have more often.

Be a Guest at Indian Wedding, the true essence of a place can be experienced if you spend a day or two with the locals at a traditional Indian wedding, offering a glimpse of all the elements of our culture under one roof. Here, we plan a perfect day(s) for you where you can dress in traditional Indian attire, take part in the customary wedding rituals, taste the lip-smacking Indian cuisine, shake a leg to the desi beats and above all blend and make new friends. You surely would not want to miss such an opportunity of being Indian for a day, would you? And we believe these would be your biggest takeaways from India!


With Wedding Tourism in its full swing, foreign guests can now attain Invitation To Wedding (ITW). FusionSteps has accumulated weddings of different places in India that can easily find its way in your itinerary. A tour to India will complete its circle once you venture to the gala of authenticity and affection at the Indian Weddings.

Add this Eccentric Experience when Visiting India.

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  • In addition to this, FusionSteps can also provide you customized needs such as outfit with accessories, transport, etc. at an additional cost.

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