Indian marriages are larger than life events that comprise three to four days of madness and overwhelming nights. There are some nine-odd types of weddings that bring together the loved ones to commemorate the coming together of two families.

The Indian-way Weddings can comprise of a juxtapose of different cultures within India itself. Even if you want a not so lavish affair, these customisations can still make your wedding stand aloof from the mundane. One can also dwell into the experience of getting married as a Royal couple within beautiful palaces that enhance the history of India. Here, we consider celebrating weddings as regal as possible.

The multi-cultural subcontinent provides for a variety of food that can be found nowhere else. If you want to experience the twilight of the Indian Weddings, you’ve to be on this soil!

Pluck out your favorite theme

Behind the Vows, A Historic Fort Palace
What if we tell you that you can get married alongside one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world at the top of an ancient plateau hidden in the Aravalli Ranges? The Fort Palace offers the perfection of a scenic view and a reserved family stay for an intimate wedding.

Symbol of Love, Taj Mahal
Well, we cannot get you married in the premises of Taj Mahal, but can surely set you up in this pulchritude of seven wonders. Taj Mahal is a breathtaking creation situated on the banks of river Yamuna, which lights up on a full-moon night.

Utopian Beach Wedding @Goa!
If you want a romantic beach-side, soaked in the sunset wedding, then Goa makes up for your ideal deal. The city resonates the flow of clear waters of Arabian Sea, the depth of affection and the heights of the strong-willed coconut trees. The weather is sure to lure your true intentions of starting a new life with your love.

Royal Wedding @Regal Rajasthan! 
Rajasthan is the ideal destination for your opulent wedding. The state offers gigantic forts and palaces that will surely make you spell-bound with their beauty and calm. In India, Rajasthan is known as the State of Royalty, with rich culture of authentic food and natural beauty, this is one of the best choices for the couple who want to feel like a real King and Queen on their D-day. Folk-lore and mellifluous musicians are another reason for this to be the most distinctive wedding destinations.

Bling-Binge- Indian Wedding@The Heart of India- Delhi 
If we talk about the capital state, then this place has a history of its own. The charm of historians, the blend of millennials and a treasured amalgamation of different cultures. Delhi is one of the most sought-after places to get married keeping in mind the bling, customs and the glamorous vibe of this city. There are a plethora of farmhouses that work as an escapade for you to reflect and flourish your affectionate bonds with your loved ones. Delhi is also the heart of India, where the river of exotic food and culture pour in from all the directions.

FusionSteps can make your wedding day flow with its never seen before experiences, giving you something to brag for an entire lifetime. You can surely get married in India but your registration as an officially married couple shall be done in your home country, only.

Contact and acquaint us. Let us know your preferences of the city, type of wedding and dates.  We shall discuss your tastes, and choices to curate the best plan of action for you. Weddings are planned, designed with family and guest stay. Additional services can be included based on your requirement and support looked for. All Weddings are arranged, themed and organized by our co-partners having more than a decade of experience in organizing weddings for NRIs and foreign guests.

Come, see how the country of a billion hearts make you two souls get etched in its heritage.