The cuisine of India has been influenced by its age-old heritage, travel by the emperors, climatic needs and foreign visitors. There is more than just one thing that would drool you away. Each region of this country has assorted customs of cooking. Not only do people like to cook, but they also like to present the dishes in a lavish platter of affection. Even the simplest of the meals would find its way into your heart and your taste-buds shall always reminisce their presence.

FusionSteps has accumulated varied experiences of cuisines across the country. We believe that food is not just a necessity for survival but is a quintessential part of one’s history and culture. This is why we bring to you some experiences that are connected to the vehement roots of India.

We understand the needs of its clients, all these experiences are curated by keeping in mind what would suit your itinerary. You can pick out any of the experiences according to what intrigues you the most.

Must Food Experiences of India.


The old lanes of India speak of streets with proximity with the yesteryears’ architecture and food. These are filled with beaming lights and a huge spread of their forefathers. Tickle your taste buds with the lip-smacking presentation of food that accustoms itself to your preferences.



This would not only acquaint you with some secret family recipes or dishes but will also give you an insight into the food-lore of common households. To know what the people of India eat on a daily basis is to peep into their life and routine in this nation with a plentitude of differences and unity. FusionSteps would take you to the dining hall of some of the best home-based cooks in the country, helping you get a better hold of the culture.

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What if we tell you that you can time-travel to the food served by the best chefs in the courts of the royalty? Yes! this is one experience where you can devour the diverse Indian Food and a lot many number of items under one single roof. The ambience of this place would definitely mellow down all your fatigue from traveling.