Wedding in the Family?

We work towards laying the stepping stones for enthusiastic foreign tourists to know the spectacular culture of India. Such is the new concept of inviting foreign travelers to the wedding, to make them witness the magic of the grandeur. We strive to fit the best piece into the puzzle for completing a scenic view for foreign guests and the people of other cultures to become the spectators of the imperative gala that one organizes so meticulously. One of the greatest sayings in our culture teaches us to practice togetherness, to bring people together and to present them with a distinctive heritage.

Who can be a Host?

Anyone who has finalized their wedding ceremony.
Enthusiastic to have foreign guests.
Believes in the magic of Indian traditions.
Has a things for meeting people of different cultures.

It is with the presence of more and more lights that a home feels like its celebrating. Create a window for the world and show how India glorifies the mundane. What we do is rather a simple arrangement for the to-be wedding couples to Invite Foreign Travelers as Guests at their Wedding. The idea of inviting these travelers ups the ceremony’s extravagance and showbiz factor. FusionSteps ensure sincere and honest guests are participating in one of the most important days of your life.


  • Be an epitome of authentic Indian weddings.
  • Double the celebrations with an inquisitive lot.
  • Make them witness idiosyncratic rituals.
  • Share your experience and your unique story.
  • Avail our services devoid of any registration fee.
  • Make friends with people of different cultures and geographic locations.
  • FusionSteps will renumerate the couple with a small portion from the contribution of the foreign travelers for experiencing the culture.
  • The commission shall not make a difference in your Big Fat Indian Wedding, but it might help in educating an underprivileged child. FusionSteps, in association with Goonj, gives the opportunity for couples to share their commission with the organization for the greater good.


  • Fill in basic details about your wedding in our online form.
  • After a one-to-one discussion, we will list your wedding on our website with your consent.
  • A proficient host is also decided upon to guide the foreign guests during your wedding. He/She can be any member of your family.
  • Foreign Travelers book their Invitation to Wedding (ITW) and are further supported by FusionSteps for basic prep.
  • The list of guests shall be shared with you along with the regular progress.
  • A casual telephonic conversation or meeting shall be arranged so that both the alliances do not feel like complete strangers.
  • Logistics are taken care of by FusionSteps.

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Besides spreading joy through inviting foreign guests to your D-Day, now experience the blessings of the needy as well. FusionSteps, in association with Goonj, helps to contribute for the education of children from underprivileged backgrounds. However, the Wedding Couple are free to choose to use the contribution from the foreign guests as per their wish. Startle your guests with the piousness of your grand occasion.

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