Hosts are the heart and motivation of the FusionSteps.
We welcome you, if you wish to be one.

We work towards laying the stepping stones for enthusiastic foreign tourists to explore the culture of India. Indian food and spices have always grasped the amusement of tourists. The home-cooked food can easily surpass any fine dining experience because of the extra care and affection it is cooked with. FusionSteps creates this opportunity for Home-based cooks to open up their own brand name of serving the foreign guests. For those who are living in the metropolitan cities, this is a new venture that can help them become the face of the Indian Cuisine.

Who can be a Host?

Anyone who is a talented home cook.
Anyone who is passionate about variety of Indian food.
Believes in sharing with others.
Believes in the magic of Indian traditions.
Enthusiastic to have foreign guests.
Has a thing for meeting people of different cultures.

The practice of inviting foreign guests to devour a spread of opulent Indian cuisine has its roots in the times of emperors. In other countries as well, people of different cultures invite people to dine at their home for an exquisite experience. Having a traditional hold of the recipes, makes the home cooks serve a blend of flavour like no one else. What can be more enthralling than the fact that one would just need to cook their staples and earn a living while serving to guests from all around this world.

  • Guests may not want to be overfed if they are already full. Please be conscious that they may already be full and may not wish to continue eating.
  • We ask that you have a clean dining room, kitchen, pantry and operational bathroom for the guests.
  • If you have any pets in your home, do let us know. Some of our travelers may be allergic or may not be pet friendly.
  • We respectfully ask that hosts’s refrain from talking about costs or payments during the experience.
  • We request that you do not smoke in front of our travelers. We abide by no-smoking policy.
  • Host should ensure that no other paying travelers and guests are present.
  • Do not promote or sell any brands, business name during the experience.
  • Respond to reservation request promptly.


Host’s safety and happiness is at most priority. They are the heart of FusionSteps. We want them to feel 100% comfortable when hosting foreign guests. We communicate as much information about our guests as possible and allow host’s to communicate with them directly. We ensure, you never have to accept a booking without feeling comfortable about it.


  • Fill in basic details in our online application form.
  • Skype Interview, a one-to-one discussion to know your deliverables.
  • In-person vist and tasting by one of our representatives.
  • Share your in-house guest hosting food plan and payment details.
  • Voila! you get listed on our host list. Get ready to Host.

Excited to be a host!

Submitting this form means you have shown interest to invite foreign guests at your home.
On submission, our coordinator will connect you and take you through the process.