Being Host to thy Wedding

Why do I invite foreign guests at wedding?

Indian weddings are one in a lifetime experience. Both families try to do their best for their guests. Indian culture has always been enthusiastic to flaunt its feathers in front of the foreign citizens. A wedding is not just an ordinary event, it’s a preparation filled with affection and gratitude. Lucky are those who have the presence of others to enhance the festivity.

Besides the conventional feeling of obligation attached, FusionSteps also pays a certain amount as commission to the wedding couples. We understand that this may be of little or no help to some couples. However, they can donate this money to Goonj, where it shall be utilized to educate underprivileged children.

Will guests respect the wedding they attending?

We are sure that they will be occurring at the expense of traveling and attending the wedding to enjoy the rich heritage of Indian culture. Our guests shall be grateful to be a part of your celebrations.

What will I have to pay to foreign travelers?

For a change, nothing! FusionSteps will not charge you anything to ticket your foreign guests. Furthermore, we will take care of the logistics as well.

What do Indian couple get in return?

FusionSteps shall pay the wedding couple with a small portion from the ticket price as our contribution for promoting Indian Wedding. In some cases, our contribution may not make much difference, but it might help in educating an underprivileged child.  We, in association with Goonj, gives the opportunity for couples to share their share with the organization for the greater good. New friends to remember, which may bring a souvenir as a wedding gift.

How long it takes to register wedding?

We have kept your work simple and sweet. After filling out the basic details of your wedding we shall meet you to know about all the events and other concerns. It is only after your satisfaction and consent that we will list your wedding on our website.

How can I contribute to social cause?

FusionSteps believe in sharing. We contribute a portion from the sold tickets to you as a small token of appreciation and love from us. Couple can decide to extend their support by donating the contributed amount for child education under NGO Goonj initiatives.

What about guests logistic and stay arrangements?

You can spare that burden for us. We just want you and our guests to arrange the best grooves, rest will be a matter of concern for FusionSteps.

How do foreign guests get introduced?

The wedding couple appoints a host from family, a relative who will help the guests feel welcomed, get introduced and also in understanding the ceremonies.

Can guests just walk-in to our wedding?

No, none of us wants to incur a loss. That is why the venue details shall be shared on the day of the event itself.

I have another query?

We are good at welcoming guests and all sorts of queries. Write us anytime!

Being Host to thy Indian Food

How can I sign up to be a host?

FusionSteps is always in search of warm, caring people and skilled home cooks interested in sharing their food and culture with travelers from around the world. We interview and meet with each prospective host to ensure a good fit. Our website page will help to know the process and you can fill out the fiven form. We will get back to you at earliest.

How do I get to know travelers food preferences?

Travelers’ preferences – dietary, allergies and spice level will be gathered well in advance along with the reservation process prior to the experience. Host need to ensure all dietary needs and restrictions are met.

Food Safety?

Hosts are expected to serve fresh homemade food using safe, purified water. They also need to ensure that all travelers are served purified, bottled water with sealed caps.

Being from different culture, how do I welcome guests?

“Atithi Devo Bhavo” is a popular saying in India which means Guests are like God. Our travelers are excited to meet you and look forward to your meal. Please greet them as you would any of your guests. Give them an introduction of your family and practices. You can welcome your guests with a beverage and light snacks as they look forward to your meal so much!

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We understand that their may be situation that you not able to host after confirming the guests. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for you. Having said this, hosts should take care that it is not a regular practice.

What happens in a "no show" situation?

If travelers cancel within 24 hours of the experience you will be paid in full. We want to ensure you are fairly compensated for the careful planning and preparation you put into these experiences.

When is the host paid?

All hosts are paid at least 6 hours prior to their experience.

I have another query?

Didn’t see your question answered here? We’re happy to help with all sorts of queries. Write us anytime!

Traveler attending Indian Wedding

What happens if I cannot join the wedding?

In case of unfavourable circumstances that might divert your travel plans, FusionSteps shall accept cancellation before 40 days to the event. However, cancellation is done 20 days prior to the event where 50℅ of the charges are refunded. But, for a cancellation in less than 20 days of time period or no show-up at the event, no refund shall be provided.

Will FusionSteps help with travel arrangements?

You just need to show-up with the zest of experiencing the beauty of the wedding, leave the burden of the logistics onto our shoulders. We shall discuss and clear all your doubts once you purchase the Ticket to Invitation.

Am I expected to bring present for the couple?

This is very much subjective. You can choose whatever gift, flowers or souvenir you may want to present to the couple.

We are new to Indian customs, language & people.

“Atithi Devo Bhavo” is a popular saying in India which means Guests are like God. To ensure your smooth welcome, we shall provide you with a joyful host from the family of the wedding couple who will help you with the exploration and comprehension of all the rituals and events.

For how many days I can attend a wedding?

Indian weddings generally last for 1 to 4 days.  You can choose the events according to your availability. FusionSteps will try it’s best to accommodate your preferences and shall present you a unique experience to look out for.

Do I need to wear traditional Indian attire?

We would love to see you in conventional Indian attire. In India, much importance is given to the attire at the wedding event and we’d surely not want any of our guests to fall short of compliments.

How do I ensure my ticket to Indian Wedding?

We have list of upcoming weddings on our Website. Find your suitable pick, go through the details of the ceremony along with the dates that match your period of stay. Make online payment to confirm your T2I.

If by any chance you did not find the desired wedding, share your travel details and let us know about your preferences. We shall discuss the best plan of action for you to not to go empty-handed.

How do I pay for my Ticket to Invitation (T2I)?

FusionSteps accepts online payment through Paypal. An invoice shall be generated for every T2I buyer.  Any concerns with Paypal we here to help you with options.

How to confirm my purchase and ticket to invitation?

Once the payment is made, you shall be intimated regarding the confirmation via email. This is followed by an invoice receipt and discussion regarding other necessary arrangements. The venue details are shared on the days of the event(s). FusionSteps will stay in-touch with the guests throughout the process.

I have another query?

We are good at welcoming guests and all sorts of queries. Write us anytime!