Varanasi is a sacred, soulful and spectacular city situated on the banks of river Ganges. In the times of past, the city was known as Kashi and got the name Benaras later on. Popularly known as Varanasi, the word is a blend of Varuna and Assi, the two tributaries of the Ganges that come together in the heart of this holy city. It is a perfect place to connect with the spiritual side of India. One can absorb into the chanting of mantras, in the peace of the ghats, and the echoes of the holy prayers that find their way to your heart.

It is believed that people visit Varanasi to seek salvation and by bathing in the holy water, they get rid of their sins. There is enough magic to delight even the well-trodden travelers. A place, that to die here is said to be the road to moksha, freedom from the endless cycles of rebirth and union with the divine. FusionSteps amalgamates the divine experiences of Varanasi that await your discern. Travel has something for everyone, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of the experience.

The scared old city offers a range of ghats, temples and museum to look for but FusionSteps emphasis and offers three well-curated experiences in “Echoes of Varanasi” that a traveler cannot afford to miss when visiting the place.

Sunset Boat Ride with Aarti

We call it the water walk through the heritage of Varanasi where we sail you through the 84 ghats of mystic Varanasi. An unparalleled view of the ghats and temples from a more peaceful vantage point than observing from dry land.

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Reaching the ghat (large steps), view from the boat on the Ganges is exceptional. The air is filled with prayers, chanting, bells ring, drums bang, oil lamps are thrust skywards and floating lights are cast into the Ganges. A festival-style tone is spread through the ghat and you find it mobbed by pilgrims and sightseers. You can simply watch the stars floating in the water in the form of diyas and illuminate the goodness within yourself.


An initiative undertaken by the government for the people to sojourn into the dawn at the banks of river Ganges. The surroundings are so astonishing that people can’t resist themselves from doing yoga or being a part of other musical ventures. This also consists of the unparalleled morning aarti that takes place with the heavenly and heavily chanting of the holy mantras. Indeed a tribute to land, water, sky, fire and air.