• Indians Serve affection with Food

    A diverse culture like India is home to numerous delicacies coming from ancient kitchens. As much as people like to cook, they like to feed other people and have guests at home. In the yesteryears of Royalty, Kings uses to have multiple kitchens to feed the Aristocracy, Commons and the Servants. In the Sikh culture, the Gurudwaras have a huge kitchen to cater to people with a meal. It is believed that none should be departed without feeding them. Similarly, many cultures in the country celebrate the advent of their guests with sacred ceremonies such as presenting them with a garland, washing their feet and so on. In the millennial era, people have started inviting foreign guests to showcase the culture with a gigantic spread of delicacies. The guests not only devour the scrumptious food which is prepared by the host at their home but also exchange their experiences. (more…)

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  • 4 Exciting Things about Indian Weddings

    The extravagant Indian Weddings have always managed to be a trend-setter whether it be the opulent decorations, bridal outfits or the infamous Indian cuisine. From the richest man of the country to a regular bread earner of the nation, a wedding has been one of the most auspicious and commemorative events of one’s life. For any foreign spectator to know the true essence of the culture, they must align their receptors towards the major attractions in Indian Weddings. So, here’s a list of the four exciting things you can expect at any Indian Wedding. (more…)

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  • Antiquity of Indian Cuisine

    India is a land of varied cultures, languages, and cuisines. The more you try to understand it, more often you’d realize that it is a gift box that contains a lot of others inside. Unleashing the hidden treasures will always make you spellbound. The admiration for Indian spices dates back to the colonial rule and since ages, the country has catered to all sorts of palettes. Moreover, the cuisine is a lineage passed onto the generations that have kept adding more value to it. (more…)

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