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This subcontinent is an assemblage of varied cultural identities. Once you experience the essence of her realm, you’ll know why the world calls her “The Incredible India”. FusionSteps has curated a set of different conventional experiences for you to unravel the real traveler within you. Circumvent through the majestic lanes of India, festivals of colors and liberation, a celebration of unison of two souls and so on, hop on the journey and we shall take you to novelty.

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Creating itineraries is one thing and constructing experiences is another. We hold an opinion that the best experiences require unique and thought after listing of activities. We provide authorized guides and offer services that are beneficial for social causes as well.


We at FusionSteps try our best to make the travel experience hassle-free. We believe that our travelers should take along with them some memories to cherish for a lifetime. To ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, we are here to offer support at the time of any inconvenience.

100% Transparency

We firmly believe that an organization should keep everything real with its clients. For this reason, we do not charge any hidden commission and only the service fee is charged.

Experience Something Different!

Opulent Weddings in India are one in a lifetime affair. From idiosyncratic rituals to starry nights of fun and frolics, the events portray the actual reality of its culture and its people. For this, FusionSteps has given distinctive importance to experiencing the spectacular weddings of India.

  • Multi-day Event.
  • Be Local, Dress Like Local.
  • Closely experience Indian Culture.
  • Variety of Indian Cuisine.
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FusionSteps find the best home cooks from India so that our travelers can immerse themselves in diverse in-house food experiences as per their choice. They also get to know cultural traditions passed down through generations. We meticilously curate and short-list our offerings ensuring unique and tasteful food experience with care and warmth of India. Wander with the aromatic Indian delicacies and let them be your guide to the culture.

  • Incredible India.
  • Well Curated.
  • Food & Culture
  • Variety is the key.